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Fun Ways to Save for that new Carpet for the Living Room or for That End of Year Family Holiday

You can start your holiday fun before the holiday’s starts.  Including the whole family, you can make the saving for the holiday, a family matter, and create fun ways to achieve those savings.  You can also use the same fun methods to save for other expenses.  But start with the holiday that everybody will enjoy.

Ways to include the whole family for saving for the Holidays, and maybe an extra thing or two:

Stop Spending Money on Things you do not need right now; start out with a two-month time limit.  Make a list with everybody’s name on it and the things they mostly spend money on.  You still need to pay your bills and take care of your household expenses, and even though you think there will not be anything left, you will be surprised.  Start a savings account, named “Our Holidays” and put all the extras in this account.

Start Recycling; there are always old stuff in our houses like old electronics, old cell phones, and there are companies running rewards programs to promote recycling.  You can use these rewards in many ways and you will also do your small bit to protect the environment.

Save all your Credit Card and other types of Reward Card Points; different cards will give different types of rewards which will enable you to spend it on different kind of things.

Create a Mystery Jar Challenge; everyone in the family gets a covered jar.  Every small change you have goes into the jar.  A lot like the Piggy Bank of a small child.  At the end of the year, before the start of the holiday, choose a date, all the jars are opened and the family member whose jar yields the most can choose an activity to be done with the money during the holidays.

Finding Additional Ways to Save or Earn more money; children can do little chores for the elderly neighbour and the older kids can find things, like mowing the lawn, or walking the dog, for a neighbour that is out of town.  Selling the craft you create with your hobby can also ensure a penny or two.  You can decide beforehand what you are willing to donate towards the Holidays and then find ways to earn your donations.

All of these saving options can also be applied to saving towards the more expensive things you need or want to buy.